For your reading pleasure, I’ve put everything you want to know about my rates, process and pricing in one convenient location.

Are your rates hourly or project-based?

Every project quote is value-based, meaning you’re paying for the value and ROI of the finished product, not the time spent producing it. My rates also include the following wonderful advantages:

  • Industry knowledge on what works and what doesn’t

  • Quick turnaround time & constant communication (maybe even a corny joke or two)

  • Fully-edited copy for grammar, consistency, tone, and clarity

  • Titles, social scripts, and meta descriptions (for blog content)

What are your starting prices?

One-time writing projects (like blog posts) begin at $250/post for 600-800 words, but vary depending on required research and word count. Longer, more intensive content garners a higher price point.

Larger projects (like full website copy writing) begin at $1,500, but will depend on scope.

Miscellaneous projects (like landing pages, case studies, email campaigns, general marketing copy services) are also based on scope. Send me a message to chat about these things.

Copy editing services (like proofreading, line editing, copy editing/rewrites) vary on scope and word count, but will begin at $50/hour. I do not offer per word or per page rates.

Why are your fees slightly higher than other freelancers?

You get what you pay for. Clients who choose to work with me do so because they believe in paying for high-quality, original products — not just finished products. If your goal is keeping costs low (rather than awesome results), you might be in the wrong place.

What’s the process like for new clients?

Every new client goes through a three-step process to ensure we’re on the same page.

  1. First, interested clients should contact me. When sending a message, please provide details about your business as well as your specific project needs.

  2. If it sounds like a match from there, we’ll chat via phone (gasp!). This will help me better understand your needs, your objectives, and what I can do to help you reach them. Don’t worry, I send you my brief intake survey before we chat, so there will be no surprise questions.

  3. Lastly, I’ll send over an invoice for the work and a contract for the project. Once the contract is signed and a 50% deposit has been paid, we’ll get started.

…And then?

You’ll never have to “check in with me” and I’ve never had a case of the “deadline flu.” My goal is to keep you informed of where I’m at with status reports emailed every few days (or whatever makes sense for the length of the project).

This quick report includes what work has already been completed, what (if anything) I need from you to keep chuggin’, and what I expect to accomplish moving forward.

Once the final product is delivered and edits have been made, I’ll send over the final invoice for the remaining balance and ask you to complete a five-question exit survey — because I’m big on continuous improvement.

Other FAQs

1.  How can I pay you?

Depending on whether our working relationship is on-going, payments will be made via bank transfer, check or PayPal. I’ll send you an invoice for your records.

2.  How many rounds of edits do I get?

Every project includes two rounds of edits. If you need additional edits after that, there is a fee for additional work — which helps ensure we’re both on the same page from the start of the project.

3. How do you typically deliver finished work?

I prefer working in Google Docs for most written content. I’ve found Google Suite is the most efficient way to add comments, provide feedback, and communicate changes with my clients in real time. I’ll share my doc with you so you can see my progress and respond to my comments, when needed.

4.  When can you start?

I request at least a two-week lead-time for new projects. I usually have 1-2 openings reserved for new clients each month, but they go fast. The sooner we start the conversation, the better.

5. What if I need you IMMEDIATELY?

If you need me YESTERDAY, let me know. I’ll put you at the top of my to-do list, but a 20% priority fee will be added to your invoice.