About Me

Hi there, I’m Lauren, a content creator based in North Carolina. Currently, I work full time for The Cheat Sheet, creating witty and informative long-form articles from today’s trending topics. I still tackle the occassional freelance project, so if you need something written, get in touch!


Here’s my high-level low down:


I’m a writer at my very core. I’ve been published on major sites like Yahoo!, AOL, Credit.com, The Muse, and Glassdoor. Although it wasn’t always in my 10-year plan to weave words into gold, I’ve capitalized on this undiscovered passion and built a successful business from it.

Prior to writing and freelancing, I worked as a career advisor, sales representative, and marketing coordinator for a Fortune 500 company. But not-a-one of those positions made me happy. Even my family started planning happy hours without me and my Debbie-downer attitude. So I went back to what I know. I started LaunchPoint Resume in January of 2016, helping motivated #goaldiggers and career-changers score a job they felt jazzed about commuting to every morning!

But my work is more than just long-form articles and blog posts. I’ve also dabbled in copywriting,  email newsletters, landing pages, and social scripts that drive businesses forward. This is something I’d love to explore further. These websites you’re viewing? I crafted them, too.

I understand the best writers incorporate a unique mix of readability and grammar with style and personality. Long gone are the days where businesses can neglect audiences and marketing techniques and still expect to tug at readers’ heartstrings. As a result, I write content that helps people connect — to whatever that may be.


Still here? You might as well get in touch with me. Let me tell you how my experience can move your business and content strategy forward.